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Jenny Cooney Journalist, Podcaster, Producer, Talent Consultant
Melbourne, Australia & Venice, California

"I first met Sally when I was at a real crossroads in my life. After the end of a long marriage and a successful career suddenly stagnating under the weight of new economic realities, I felt adrift. Initially I was skeptical and thought life coaching was some New Age ‘woo woo’ thing, but boy was I wrong!​

Sally studied in the U.S. and comes armed with loads of certified professional coaching credentials, but what that means quite simply is that when you work with her, she shares a vast array of tools and exercises to help you recognize your strengths and weaknesses, your values and influencers and to identify where you want to go versus where you are currently headed.

Quite simply, she’s a life whisperer and someone who changed my life in more ways that I could have imagined. Not only am I now successfully embarking on a new career that I didn’t think was even possible, I am able to make clear, conscious choices to handle whatever life throws at me, personally and professionally. You deserve Sally in your life!"

Suzie M. Professional Writer
Sydney, Australia & London, UK

"When I first embarked upon coaching I wasn't sure what to expect. At my first meeting with Sally, I made a dream list of all the things I really wanted to achieve over the next few years. These were out-of-the-park items that I hardly voiced in case they felt too lofty. I'd been very strategic in my career generally, but had hit a major wall in terms of a more global dimension.


I had found myself yearning for someone to help manage me toward reaching the next level, someone who would give me the right advice for long-term goals so that I was investing my skills and energy in the right areas, rather then running in circles. I was never expecting to reach such major goals, nor to hit EVERY single target on my dream list within the first three months. To be honest I still can’t believe I can write that, but it is utterly true.​

Sally is magnificent. She is highly intelligent, profoundly professional, a confident and clear communicator yet warm and able to steer my decisions and hone my decision-making style at each point, pushing me gently forward. In doing so, Sally has also helped me realise that if I am happy with the decisions I make, then I work more effectively. This has forged a strong sense of my own values and the role they can play in moving forward. ​I cannot recommend Sally enough.

Close friends of mine have followed suit in signing up to coaching with her, and each of them have had the same experience of 'can-do' around where they want to take their careers and personal lives. It is life coaching in the true sense insofar as it ignites a way of choosing and reaching for what you feel passionate about.

For me, it has significantly increased my income, relieved years of stress, opened up non-anxious time with family and allowed me to be more 'me' in all that I do. For the first time in my creative career, I have someone who absolutely has my back, who understands the context of work issues and the decisions that arise, and provides tools for working through them that are particularly tailored for my own needs. It is such a good feeling to know this is possible. Thank you Sally."​ 

Jane Curry Publisher & Director, Ventura Press  |  Founder & Director, VenX Publishing  CEO, Jane Curry Advisory
Sydney, Australia

"I'm loving every part of coaching. It's like a secret weapon."

HB. Author & Writer
Melbourne, Australia

"I've gained a front row supporter who is 100 per cent behind me and on my team."​

Vanessa Bates Playwright

Newcastle, Australia

"You hear people talk about their life being transformed and you always think “that’ll never happen to me.” I guess I thought that too until I started working with Sally Murray.

If I think back just a few months to the scared, anxious, stressed out, unhappy and unfulfilled person I used to be, I’m kind of amazed. Learning about energy levels and exploring ways to ‘level up’ has really helped me move closer to the person I want to be. I’m recognising ingrained patterns of attitude and behaviour and choosing to train my mindset towards a positive outcome.


Professionally, I feel like Sally is giving me the tools to really succeed. From feedback on the tone I’m using in an email to supporting me inside a challenging meeting, I feel about ten feet taller and absolutely glowing with self-confidence, positivity and creativity.​

This probably sounds a bit naff, but going on this process with Sally has unlocked a wealth of self-understanding and self-realisation. I really think I’m a better person as a result."

Anna F. Author

Sydney, Australia

"I don’t feel I ‘work’ with Sally. It’s more that I’m lucky to have Sally in my life — as an investment in sanity and balance, centering and clear-thinking. I love her outlook, her insight and wisdom.

I bring a stressed and cluttered life to her, full of work issues that require psychological managing (mostly of me), tricky strategic decisions in negotiations, and personal issues involved in complex, dramatic, ordinary, beloved family life. And Sally takes all of that and sorts it into categories of manageability, divests me of responsibilities that aren’t mine, places my mood into a schema of levels where I can see it – and so change it – and we laugh together.

Sally is a do-er, her energy, empathy and organizational skills are matched only by her immense warmth and generosity. To see Sally is to invest in my own wellbeing so that I can get an overview and so approach tricky work and personal issues in a much better way than I would alone, using only the (sometimes worn and inevitably inadequate) psychological equipment of my own.


In short, Sally helps me be my most generous, calm, productive self. It’s life-changing."

Megan D. Author
London, UK

"My sessions with Sally have completely transformed the way I approach and think about my writing. Sally’s amazingly effective approach of steadily moving forward with a positive mindset has helped me focus on where I need to be and given me the tools to get there.​

Within a few months of starting sessions with Sally, I went from being un-agented with an incomplete manuscript, to signing with a fantastic agent, winning a literary prize and securing a two-book deal with a major UK publisher.​

Sally’s experience as an editor gives her a unique insight into the struggles writers face with both publishers and themselves, and her energy and enthusiasm is contagious.

She helped me unlock that same energy in myself, to develop the resilience to cope with setbacks, and to attract success."

Trish W. Theatre Producer
London, UK

"I knew a needed a coach of sorts and it took a few sessions to truly understand the value of what Sally brings to my life. She is so much more than a business and life coach. There is nothing I can’t raise with her and she is always understanding and never judgemental.

Life can feel overwhelming before a session and then it becomes manageable and challenges are put into perspective – what more do you want?"

Rebecca F. Speech & Language Therapist
Lake Forest, California

"I was referred to Sally for help with my confidence for a graduate school examination. At first, I was a little skeptical, since I had no idea how we could work on this. After meeting with Sally, I have nothing but good things to say about my experience.

She not only helped me with my confidence, but also with my awareness of what my values, strengths and influencers are and this has helped me understand myself. She went above and beyond on all of my expectations.


Sally truly helped me and I am so grateful."

MS. Lawyer
Sydney, Australia

"Sometimes you know you want to make a life change but you are so limited by your own, self-perceived pressures and limitations that you can't see the best option.


Sally helped me to see how my own internal limitations were holding me back and how I was trying to live up to other people's expectations or judgements when mainly these were only in my own mind anyway. I ended up making the right choice for all the right reasons."

Pauline A. Founder, Design Hub 2478
Ballina, Australia

"I've become far less reactive to situations.


Sally is so easy to connect with and I love the direction she and energy coaching have given me."

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